Cepsa is an integrated energy company operating at every stage of the oil value chain, with close to 10,000 employees. Cepsa is engaged in petroleum and natural gas exploration and production activities; refining, the transport and sale of oil and natural gas derivatives; petrochemicals, biofuels, co-generation and the sale of electricity.

Cepsa is Spain’s fourth largest industrial group in terms of turnover, and has been in the market for more than 80 years. It has a significant presence in Spain and, thanks to the progressive internationalization of its activities, it is now also active on several continents, marketing its products worldwide.

The chemicals business in Cepsa has a leading position globally through an integrated and diversified portfolio. It has an international presence, with chemical sites in Europe, Americas and Asia.

Cepsa’s activities includes the manufacture of raw materials for biodegradable detergents, high-technology plastics, solvents, synthetic fibres and pharmaceutical products, as well as a wide range of petroleum derivatives. Cepsa is a global leader in manufacture of linear alkylbenzene (LAB). It is also global leader in cumene, and is the world’s second largest producer of phenol and acetone.

One of Cepsa’s corporate values is constant improvement. To help the Company achieve that, it look towards innovation and technology. Cepsa has a Research Center which helps them to create value, optimize processes, and improve the quality of operations and products. For example, Cepsa has their own technology for the manufacture of raw materials for biodegradable detergents (LAB/LABSA), called DETAL, which is used in 80% of new plants in the sector all over the world.

To learn more about Cepsa activities, visit www.cepsa.com