PT Energi Sejahtera Mas (PT-ESM) is one of the largest fatty alcohol plants in the world, which also produces basic oleochemicals from palm oil and palm kernel oil (PKO).

The plant, which is strategically located in Lubuk Gaung (Dumai, Indonesia), has direct access to raw materials so guarantees a continuous supply.  Designed with the latest state of the art technology for fatty alcohol production, it is also able to produce all its necessary utilities while managing its waste in the same site. In terms of logistics, we strive to offer best-in-class service as we manage and operate our own jetty connected to the plant for bulk and container shipments.

PT-ESM complies with the national environmental & social legislation, as reflected in our Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA or AMDAL in Indonesia), that was granted in 2013. If you want further information, please contact us.

In conclusion, the self-sufficient plant enables us to guarantee a reliable supply of fatty alcohols to our customers around the globe.