Privacy Policy

1. It is our policy to always respect the privacy of every visitor to our Website. However, we may from time to time, employ the use of cookies.

2. Cookies are small text files that a site transfers to a user’s (visitor’s) hard disk or browser for added functionality or for tracking site usage. In order to measure the effectiveness of our online presence we may use cookies to determine the path users take on our site and to identify repeat users of our site. We do not use cookies to gather personal information such as a person’s name or e-mail address.

3. Cookies can be saved to the hard disk, but so-called session cookies are saved to the browser only and disappear when the browser is closed. On the website at homepage (and similar top or index pages), we use cookies that are saved to the hard disk and therefore remain after the browser is closed. Such cookies determine the path users take on our site and also identify repeat users of our site, although not by names or email addresses. On other pages of our site, we use session cookies to determine the path users take on our site. On some pages, we may also use non-session cookies.

4. It is possible to configure your browser to reject cookies by modifying the browser settings or preferences. If you wish to do so, we recommend you consult the information provided in the browser or contact the browser vendor for help and instructions.

5. Any information gathered by the use of cookies is compiled on an aggregate, anonymous basis.

6. Sinarmas Cepsa Pte. Ltd fully understands the inherent responsibility of “entities handling personal information” (specified in the Personal Data Protection Act) to protect personal information of all people who provide personal information to Sinarmas Cepsa Pte. Ltd (hereinafter such information is referred to as “Personal Information” and each of such persons is referred to as “the Person”). Therefore, Sinarmas Cepsa Pte. Ltd. has established specific policies on handling personal information as stated below, and thus will make every effort to protect Personal Information.

Use of Personal Information

Sinarmas Cepsa Pte. Ltd. does not use Personal Information for anything other than the Purpose of Use, except under one or more of the following conditions:

1. When the Person has given his/her consent,

2. When Personal Information is used in a manner whereby the Person cannot be identified (e.g. statistical data),

3. When use for other than Purpose of Use is authorised by related laws or guidelines.

Management of Personal Information

In order to prevent leakage, alteration, loss, or use for anything other than the Purpose of Use, Sinarmas Cepsa Pte. Ltd. manages Personal Information strictly in a safe environment under strict security according to related laws, guidelines, and internal regulations.